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Samsung CONSTRUCTION KITS / DIY Frames - Build yourself at home

Samsung CONSTRUCTION KITS / DIY Frames - Build yourself at home

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Glue and tools are also available in the shop

Here we have our kits for all models.


All other models:

1x picture frame
1x adhesive film + digital print of the drawing already foiled on the back of the picture frame.

All drawings are completely made and designed by us.
All parts are arranged so logically that they are exactly above, below or
next to your actual position when installed.

52cm x 42cm

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  • Haptics

    Friend of Monte.
    He commissioned 3 picture frames from us and was thrilled with our work.

    To the Instagram story 
  • AlexiBexi

    Very well-known technology influencer.
    Has an iPhone 4S frame, Game Boy XL frame and an XBOX Elite controller frame from us 😊🙏

    To the Instagram story 
  • Apple band

    The largest German company when it comes to Apple Watch straps and accessories. We fill the office with Apple Watch frames.

    Link to TikTok video