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Send in your device for a finished frame

Send in your device for a finished frame

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Send your device to us to turn it into a museum piece for you.

The background for almost all devices is a high-quality film from the advertising industry.
Only the small frames (Watch & iPod) are made of very high-quality, matt and strong paper.
All picture frames are made especially for us and are very high quality for the price-performance ratio.
Each picture frame has a real glass pane.

The device is disassembled without destroying it and then completely cleaned again.

Pack your device well and if you order from Germany, you will also receive a shipping label for shipping.

Please let us know your model when placing your order so that we can prepare for it.

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  • Haptics

    Friend of Monte.
    He commissioned 3 picture frames from us and was thrilled with our work.

    To the Instagram story 
  • AlexiBexi

    Very well-known technology influencer.
    Has an iPhone 4S frame, Game Boy XL frame and an XBOX Elite controller frame from us 😊🙏

    To the Instagram story 
  • Apple band

    The largest German company when it comes to Apple Watch straps and accessories. We fill the office with Apple Watch frames.

    Link to TikTok video