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Send in your Apple device for a finished frame

Send in your Apple device for a finished frame

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Send your device to us to turn it into a museum piece for you.

  • real glass pane
  • high-quality foil print as a background
  • Made in Germany - specially made for us
  • Only for Watch + iPod Frame: high-quality, matt paper print. Also foil if desired.

The device is disassembled without destroying it and then completely cleaned again.

Pack your device well and if you order from Germany, you will also receive a shipping label for shipping.

Please let us know your model when placing your order so that we can prepare for it.

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  • Haptics

    Friend of Monte.
    He commissioned 3 picture frames from us and was thrilled with our work.

    To the Instagram story 
  • AlexiBexi

    Very well-known technology influencer.
    Has an iPhone 4S frame, Game Boy XL frame and an XBOX Elite controller frame from us 😊🙏

    To the Instagram story 
  • Apple band

    The largest German company when it comes to Apple Watch straps and accessories. We fill the office with Apple Watch frames.

    Link to TikTok video